Adding life insurance as a product can be a lucrative stream of income for your company. We’ve created a dynamic process of selling life insurance that is simple and effective, enabling you to dramatically increase revenue.

What We Do

Life Insurance Sales Training Blitz

  • In one day of powerful sales training and process implementation, make a dramatic impact on your life insurance applications. Choose from an in-person or remote training session with one of our Sales Leaders and watch our proprietary process at work. Book multiple days for maximum impact!

  • Using our Life Insurance Sales Playbook we will help you establish a simple and effective sales process that will be easy for anyone within your company to follow. We will train your agents on how to acquire new clients and sell life insurance policies by providing scripts, word tracks, worksheets, and more!

  • We will work with you to create multiple avenues of gaining qualified applications.

What You Get

  • Average of 25 new life insurance applications per training session

  • Increased customer retention

  • Full rights to the Life Insurance Sales material

  • Customized training session with a 30 day follow up call