We are passionate about helping insurance agencies across the USA create longevity for their business and dramatically increase their revenue. With our sale playbooks we provide your team with specific tools to increase inbound calls, referrals and viable applications.

Our Training Process is Proven in the Numbers…

Our Complete Training Process

Here’s a brief breakdown of what to expect each day of our complete proprietary sales training:

Day 1: I personally meet with the Agent to set specific goals. Next, I’ll meet with your team, establish the plan for the week, provide word tracks, and most importantly, get the phone ringing!

Days 2-3: Our focus begins with generating mortgage applications. I make the phone ring more than Agents have ever seen before. I teach the Best Practices, proper word tracks, and structure the loans so that the callers can review their mortgage options and apply.

Day 4: A transition day to Life Insurance. Many of the mortgage applications taken will have a built-in Life Insurance opportunity, and we will review the proper execution of these leads.

Day 5: Our final day is a continuation of the Mortgage and Life application opportunities, with the addition of Health/Disability/HI processes.

*The sales training can be customized for specific services if you aren’t interested in adding mortgage and life insurance sales to your services.



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