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Bruce M. Reported 27, Agent BJ Reported 40, and Erica T. 32 New Applications.

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Sales Leader Consulting provides financial products-based sales training to your insurance agency’s sales team.  We are based in Michigan, but we serve the entire United States.

We get you applications the first day we begin training. More than that, we provide LIFE-CHANGING results.  The kind of results that earn you MDRT status and boost your income beyond what you have dreamed you could make as an Agent!

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We have over TWO DECADES of successful sales training experience, helping increase your bottom line!

Home, Auto, & Health Insurance Sales Training
Increase the core of your business income with our proven sales method. We help maximize your current client base as well as teach methods to discover more!
P&C Training
Learn Property & Casualty Insurance sales methods. Remote sessions available.
Life Insurance Sales Training
Open up your business to a new line of guaranteed income! We will teach you how to attract customers and get higher premiums, which means increased revenue for you.
MedSupp Training
Learn proven MedSupp sales methods from one of the top Medicare experts in the country. In-person and remote training available.
Coaching Sessions
Learn how to set up your business for success! We help guide you on how to put together a comprehensive business structure for the long term success of your company.

why we do it


Helping you with your business & personal loan needs.

Our partnering company offers a wide range of personal and business funding services. Whether you need a mortgage, business loans, lines of credit, or credit rescue options we have you covered!