3 Day Mortgage Blitz

A shorter, mortgage-centric version of our Million Dollar Playbook is our Mortgage Blitz training.

I’ll come to your office for three days, beginning with teaching your team about the mortgage process. We’ll go over the proper way to generate mortgage leads, how to take them from a lead to client, and how to take existing mortgage clients to multi-line clients.

What to Expect

You and your team will gain mortgage-specific training, including how to:

  • Create mortgage pipeline for future campaigns
  • Pivot to 10-Pay Life conversation
  • Ask for, and get, referrals
  • Pivot
  • Max out your Bank Scorecard

I make the phone ring off the hook the entire three days I’m there. You can expect 100 inbound mortgage leads and 10 applications in those three days.

We’re not picking up the phone to make cold calls – you’re taking calls, and they’re warm leads, ready to talk to you about refinancing their mortgage with your Agency.

Interested in a Mortgage Blitz?

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