Tom Williams

Hey, I’m Tom! I’m the owner of Sales Leader Consulting, and the creator of the Million Dollar Playbook.

My experience in insurance began when I managed a Chairman’s Circle and MDRT-awarded State Farm Agency. Our 2016 Life Premium rank within State Farm was in the top one-tenth of 1%, thanks to some incredible sales techniques that I helped implement.

Prior to my time at State Farm, I wrote thousands of mortgage loans as a Senior Mortgage Banker. My expertise in the mortgage field, including conventional, non-conforming, FHA and VA loans, is vast. All of the loan applications I submitted came from my own sales techniques. I never bought a lead, and I personally generated over $500M in funded loans.

My mortgage experience teamed with my inside knowledge of how an insurance agency runs led me to where I am today. When I saw the sales potential agents have access to but don’t utilize, I began developing a program directed specifically at financial services-driven results.

I travel across the country to insurance agencies of all kinds – new agents looking for leads, and seasoned agents who are looking to take their agency’s numbers to that next level.

I’m an outgoing professional who loves a good baseball game. I also happen to love what I do, and more than that, I love seeing personal and professional goals knocked out of the park with my program.

Feel free to reach out at any time!