Most insurance companies miss out on a lucrative business that is selling mortgages!  We’ve created a process of selling mortgages that is simple and effective, enabling you to increase revenue quickly, and as an added bonus you don’t need to have a mortgage license.

What We Do

  • Using our Mortgage Sales Playbook we will help you establish a simple and effective sales process that will be easy for anyone within your company to do.

  • We will spend 2-3 days training your agents on how to acquire new clients and sell mortgages by providing scripts, word tracks, worksheets, and more!

  • We will work with you to create multiple avenues of gaining qualified applications.

What You Get

  • Increase efficiency and structure within the sales team

  • Increase loan and life sales, generating a minimum of 50K-100K in revenue

  • Full rights to the Mortgages Sales process material

  • Customized 3-5 day training session with a 30 day follow up call